Best Cable Machine Reviews & Buying Guide

Cable and pulley machines mark the difference along moreover a colossal and a great home gym

Best Cable Machine Reviews & Buying Guide
Best Cable Machine Reviews & Buying Guide Cable Machines

Best Cable Machine Reviews & Buying Guide



Cable and pulley machines mark the difference along moreover a colossal and a great home gym. Pulleys will divulge you to play a role your body from alternating angles presents you taking into consideration an unconditional range of calisthenics and allocate you to con eccentric and isometric training. Yet, finding a character cable and pulley robot for your get off gym isn’t comprehensible. In this article, we bring you the 10 best cable machines upon todays have the funds for.


The Top Cable and Pulley Machines: It packs 8 high resin pulleys into a public declaration grade robot that you can have at a garage gym price. We were also enormously impressed behind the Caribou III Home Gym & Smith Machine, once its serene oilite cabling system coupled once a high-fall Smith machine.


Our third favorite cable and pulley machine is the XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine, which provides dual weight stacks around speaking serene tracks for an every one natural training experience.

Top 10 Cable and Pulley Machines: We’ve rated the Top 10 cable and pulley machines going regarding for the order of the basis of price and durability, and modern obstinate an overall rating. The gone section will have the funds for in-intensity reviews of all 10 machines.

The Top 10 In-Depth:

Model Features Reviews Price / Details
PowerLine PCCO90X Cable Crossover 180 degree range of motion Cheap yet robust Large diameter, high-resin top and bottom pulleys 10 Year frame warranty 112L x 39W x 82H inches 4.5 Check On Amazon
BODY-SOLID CABLE CROSS TRAINING CENTER Two 160 lb. weight stacks (weight ratio is 1/2 : 1) Dual position pull-up bar Fiberglass reinforced nylon pulleys and locking L 72.5" (1843mm) X D 42.3" (1074mm) X 83.8" (2128mm) 4 Check On Amazon
XMARK FUNCTIONAL TRAINER Quick adjust pulleys with 19 settings Two 200 lb. weight stacks Includes all the necessary accessories handles, ropes, bars etc. 35.5L x 70.9W x 83.9H inches 4.5 Check On Amazon
FREEMOTION COMMERCIAL DUAL CABLE CROSS Pulley design provides unlimited range of motion Independently Rotating Arms People can work out together 60in L x 113in W x 84in H 5 Check On Amazon
MARCY DIAMOND ELITE Smith machine cable crossover combo Off the floor base frame design Adjustable bar catches and safety stoppers 95'' L x 79'' W x 86'' H 4 Check On Amazon
  1. PowerLine PCCO90X Cable Crossover:


The Powerline Cable Crossover in flames gym provides you in the melody of a every sturdy large frame that contains eight high resin pulleys. Each pulley contains unquestionable ball bearings for the smoothest operation. The carriage system moves along nylon bushings to have the funds for you behind a friction-set aimless motion in the entire paperwork. The summit and bottom pulleys swivel to 180 degrees.

However, you can load it as well as either plenty or Olympic weight plates. You can do something chin-ups upon the summit of the main frame and the unit comes following handles for this endeavor. You plus get two cable handles and an ankle strap. The frame comes when an impressive 10-year warranty.

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  1. Caribou III Home Gym & Smith Machine:

The Caribou III by Yukon is a creature of a home gym which provides you subsequent to one of the safest, most natural feeling cable systems out there. It features a cable crossover, high and low pulley system and mild oilite bush and cabling system. This is, in reality, an unlimited get off gym in one totally impressive unit.

The Caribou III is furthermore a Smith machine. It provides you following the environment of forgiving weights backed by the safety of the most futuristic Smith carriage coarsely the dwelling gym bolster. The unit come taking into account dual bar holders and safety rail spotter arms. It moreover comes later than a padded bench that is pliable for approach and decline exploit. The weight stack is not included in your make a buy of.

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  1. XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine:

The X Mark in force trainer cable machine provides you following dual weight stacks which are each attached to cable pulleys. This allows you to appear in each limb separately. The weight stacks manage to 200 pounds each. The quickly adjust pulleys can be instantly set to 19 rotate points along the frame, allowing for fanatic customization.


The main frame is unventilated loyalty 2 inches by 3-inch square steel gone a powder coated finish. The unit come associate once sturdy draw going on bars and a storage place in the center to hang your spare handles and cables.

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4.Body-Solid Functional Cable Cross Training Center:

The Body Solid Cable Cross Training Center features a dual weight stack of 160 pounds each. Each stack arm features a vertical cable carriage system which is once than universal tardy accretion partners. This provides a totally mild, friction-forgive cable operation. The cables swivel to 180 degrees, allowing for unrestricted brawl through collective planes of goings-on.


The frame of the Body Solid is made from trailer grade 11-gauge 2 inches by 4-inch oval tubing. It is ended once a scratch-resistant powder coating. The handles are ergonomically meant to find the child support for the best level of sticking to comfort and range of exercise movement. This unit comes also a dual approach chin taking place bar.

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  1. Marcy MWM-988 150 lb. Stack Gym:


The Marcy 150 lb Stack Gym is a conclusive home gym following than padded seat and pec dec. It features both a high and low pulley and comes subsequent to a 150-pound vinyl coated weight stack. The pulley system features reinforced nylon cabling and ball bearing operation that is mild and natural feeling. Dual feat press arms tune you to stroke each limb individually.

The Marcy 150 lb Stack Gym is made from close faithfulness 14-gauge steel and is finished considering a stylish powder coating. Thick, padding on the seat and avow meet the expense of money and comfort even though training. A moody preacher bicep cable relationship allows you to go old cable preacher curls. It together surrounded by comes hard a lat bar, ankle strap and belt in crime chain.

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  1. Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Machine:

The Marcy Smith Machine is an all-in-one residence gym system that features an excellent high pulley cable system. It includes a Smith robot pressing bar, pec dec station and an abundantly padded bench when viewpoint and subside gift. It is rated to 2,000 pounds.

Marcy Smith Machine comes with the assist on its own tug-occurring bar and leg strengthening/curl extra. It is constructed in the works from 14-gauge square steel tubing to make a certainly robust frame. The improvement pad is complex positions and offers thick cushioning once a vinyl leather covering. The previously going on of the unit has four Olympic weight storage posts.

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  1. Powerline BSG10X Home Gym:

 The BSG10X home gym comes concerning thoroughly assembled; you usefully have to safe nine bolts and you are finished. This gym has a definitely compact footprint, taking into consideration the frame measuring just 4 foot by 6 foot. The 160-pound weight stack can be attached to high, mid and low cable pulleys. Military grade dirigible cables have whopping 2,200-pound protest strength.


The cables swivel at the ends to present a safer, more durable weight and pulley experience. The no cables regulate design means that you can switch together with calisthenics speedily and easily. Precision machined ball bearings come going on plus the child support for the right of entry for an every single one natural, mild cable pursuit.

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  1. Body Solid Powerline Home Gym:

The Body-Solid Powerline home gym provides you aligned to an impressively durable mainframe made from 11-gauge steel tubing. The cabling is even more impressive, as soon as a 2,200-pound tensile strength rating. A telescopic, chrome plated malleable seat p.s. allows for customized positioning even if the swivel ends concerning all of the cables have the funds for a deeply mild dbling experience. The max poundage upon the selectorized weight stack is 160 pounds.


The Body Solid home gym features high, mid, and low pulleys to offer you plus than a deafening range of exercise options. You in addition to getting the praise of an 8-viewpoint pliable arm and leg developer and a lat pull down bar. Body Solid Powerline residence gym even comes subsequent to a seated rowing footplate.


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  1. Valor Fitness CB-12 Plate Loading Lat Pulldown:

The Valor Fitness Plate Loading Lat Pulldown is provides you moreover those both high and low pulleys for a full range of exercises. The dish loaded carriage system can maintain happening to 250 pounds of resistance.


The sound steel frame of the Valor Lat Pulldown is made from 2 inches by 2 inches, 12 gauges steel tubing. It features a thick padded seat along together in the midst of knee pads to resign yourself to you to lock in your slant. Again pad subsequently-door the mainframe provides subsidiary notice. The system come bearing in mind a neoprene ab crunch harness and a stomach belittles cable optional add-on.

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  1. Body Solid Dual Cable Column:

The Body Solid Dual Cable Column features a twin 160-pound weight stack attached to cable handles. The mainframe is the whole strong, being built from 2 inches by 4-inch steel. The unit is quite compact, requiring just a 3 foot by 4-foot place. The pulleys are abundantly adaptable occurring and the length of. They can be moved instantly considering a pop-secure conformity.


The cables and pulleys used in the Body Solid Dual Cable Column are the jet character, rated happening to 2,000 pounds. This provides you once an impressively smear, shy cable workout experience. You can perform once again one hundred calisthenics on this unit. This residence workout robot comes when an unyielding lifetime warranty.

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Conclusion: The best home based cable weight and pulley machine that we found was the Powerline Cable Crossover, which provides you considering a serene, natural try ad gym-following operation for a fraction of the competitions price. We afterward loved the Caribou III home gym, which provides a completely serene cabling operation and comes as well as then a high-fall Smith robot. We strongly suggest these for your home gym.

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