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best punching bag reviews
best punching bag

The Best Heavy Punch Bags:When deciding on the best heavy punch bags there is a lot to consider before purchasing one.First of all, what size bag are you after and what weight is a heavy bag? The two final purchases are considered. In this Fitness Fighters guide to the best heavy punch bags, we have taken this into account to bring you a wide diversity of different sizes and weight of heavy bags in our top 8 list.check out best punching bag reviews

Top 8 Best punching bag reviews:


  1. Fairtex Heavy Bag:

The famous Fairtex banana Bag is designed to give you a full contact and total physical transcription. Handmade in Thailand and perfect for practicing kicks and punches.

Fairtex makes some of the best boxing equipment around; their gloves and punch bags are some of their best items. If it’s a good punch bag for boxing, MMA or even kickboxing that you are after then this highly multipurpose punch bag could be the one. Made from high-grade leather and with handmade craftsmanship, this is getting close to the best punch bags all customers can buy.

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2.Everlast Omni Strike Punch Bag:

C3 foam-locked bottom panel below and maintenance of ground and pound. Knee Strike handles simulate the Thai clinch while training. Improvisation of functionality and effectiveness with premium synthetic leather for the construction of a superb punching bag. Ideal for heavy bag workouts and ground & pound. Weighs 80lbs, approximately 49” in height with a 15.5” diameter.

This punch bag by Everlast is very multipurpose. In collation to been used as an ordinary punch bag, it also features handles for clinch work. Moreover at the bottom is a C3 foam-filled panel for practicing low kicks making this compatible for both boxing and MMA. This bag is ideal for ground and pound work. Overall it is a very good punching bag that is very affordable at a price. The only downside is that it is shaped from synthetic leather. In our opinion, the skin will obviously be good, but it will add to the costs.

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3.RDX Heavy Punch Bag:

Train with the most enduring Heavy Punch bag available. Featuring Zero impact G-Core twinned layer for am the non-tear bag. Maya Hide Leather construction to withstand the toughest of gyms. Perfect for Muay Thai, MMA, and Boxing. Shock absorption, filling with shredded textiles for wrist and hand protection. Heavy welded D-ring, which is dual stitched and riveted for extra stability. In addition to the zip-shut closure for utmost fill, there is also a tethered loop at the base of the bag for swing reduction.

RDX Heavy Bag Perfect Peak Bag. In addition to the actual bag, there is another tool that comes with it, such as RDX gel gloves and hand grinding. Although the gloves are not the best they are suitable and provide ample protection and support. The bag is good been ready from Maya hide leather it will last a while and the fact it is waterproof is an added bonus. Overall this is a good introduction kit to boxing. However, when compared to more expensive heavy punch bags on the market the difference in total quality is remarkable.


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4.Outslayer Muay Thai Punching Bag 6ft:


Muay Thai Kick Boxing MMA Punching Heavy Bag. Designed for occupational and gym use. For any combat sport involving low kicks, this is the ultimate training punch bag. The out slayer brand is one of the most popular brands for punch bags at the moment and this is due to the high-quality bags they produce. This model is 6 ft in height and comes with 12” straps which add another foot. As you can imagine this is a big punching bag and with that, it can take a real good licking. With the ability to take the total weight of this heavy bag to 300 lbs the materials used are very strong and viable.

Previous buyers seem to be very satisfied with their purchase and many speak highly of the compatible shape this bag keeps. The fun thing comes when this bag comes up and the Outslayer itself even recommends filling it with old clothes, towels, and foam available.


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5.Everlast C3 Foam Heavy Punch Bag:

The C3 foam 32 kg heavy bag from Everlast is built and designed to provide occupational level training for boxers and an ideal effectuate for all athletes who box for fitness.

The Everlast C3 Punch Bag comes highly recommended as one of the best punch bags for heavy hitters. Everything about this punching bag is designed to take a proper licking. Made from an extremely viable poly-canvas and featuring everlast’s Nevatear technology it will stand up to years of abuse. The heavy-duty nylon straps and double end loops provide a solid anchor point. The size of this heavy bag is 4 foot and it weighs a good amount too at 32 Kg.


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6. Outslayer 80lb Boxing and MMA Punching Bag Kit:

Boxing and MMA Punching Heavy Bag. Designed for occupational and gym use.

Usually, when you buy a punching bag the accessories come with a load of bags are not the best and the accessories are inferior. However, with the Outslayer Boxing and MMA Punching Bag Kit, the whole opposite is true. Well, almost as heavy bag gloves are not the best severally from that it is a good package deal.

The height of the bag is 4 feet and the best quality of the materials used is. The recommended weight of this bag is 80 pounds. This boxing punch bag can take a lot more due to the stability of the covered vinyl. Straps 12” are connected with D-rings for long and hanging.

The accessories that come with this package are actually quite good. The heavy bag gloves are not the best heavy bag gloves but they do provide enough wrist protection and broad padding. The hand wraps are 180″ made of tall and elastic and are best available as well as the other elastic hands are available as well as wraps. Finally, the skipping rope is also resilient and similar to most plastic skipping ropes, not good but it works.


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7. Paffen Sports ALLROUND Punch & Kickboxing Bag:

Paffen Sports ALLROUND Punch & Kickboxing Bag

Solid and prized precious leather trim bags are enjoyable for daily use, intense punch- and stress training in all martial arts. Made of solid, hard-wearing PSTearProof material, gone fourfold chain deferment and swivel joint.

It has a good weight to it, good value for money, comes in multiple sizes and Synthetic leather but this one is still very durable.

Paffen Sports are a brand that is adeptly known to make high-quality boxing bags. The featured model is 180cm all the way up to one size outside of a range of 80cm. Although this is a synthetic leather punching bag this individual material is very lasting and known as PStearproof. The swivel chain that’s attached is fixed choosy and securely unlike with some bags at the same price.

All in all a good quality boxing bag that will last a while and an affordable price.


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8. Lonsdale Heavy Punch Bag 4ft:

Lonsdale heavy punch bag weighs 4ft 60lbs and includes a soft inner filling for the hand and wrist safety. This durable bag also comprises the highest quality heavy duty PU outer and comes supplied with ceiling hanging straps. It is 4ft long.

Another boxing bag by Lonsdale makes it into our top 8 list and this time it’s their 4-foot heavy punch bag. This bag is made from PU which is a very durable synthetic material with some amazing power qualities. The inside is filled with soft internal fibers for carpus protection and though this bag can be used for knees and kicks, it is relatively easy on the hands when punching. When purchasing a Lonsdale punch bag quality is an assurance and you can’t go wrong with this one. Used for stitching from used materials, a top-notch boxing bag is used for home.


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Conclusion: We are committed to research and writing thoughtful and editorial independent reviews of the best products for your life and your family. Thanks for reading us the reviews. Stay good always.


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