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best recurve bow

The best recurve bow: You want to do some research before making a purchase the best recurve bow and that is where I am going to help you. I have 10 best recurve bow compiled interactive guideline, which will make it extremely easy for you to find the best recurve bow for your individual needs, regardless of whether you are looking to target shoot, hunt, or even to once become a member of the “World Archery Federation”.

As promised, I’m listing the most of the best recurve bow from my comparison chart. Mind you, everything is of the absolute highest quality and you won’t go wrong with any of them. However, I am going to go the extra mile and give special attention to a few best recurve bows that me and my colleagues found to be particularly worthy of mention, and which popularity-wise rival even the best compound recurve bow on the market.

By the time you are done reading this guideline.

The 10 Best  Recurve Bows:


  1.   Bear Archery Super Kodiak recurve bow: Bear Archery Super Kodiak Recurve BowThe Bear Archery Super Kodiak recurve bow is great for target practice, but hunting trips are where it truly shines. This Limb power and action is awesome, the recurve bow is easy to carry and shoots quietly. It’s also quick enough that your target will have no time to duck or avoid the arrow even if you make a noise releasing the string. Get the 50# version and there will be no legal game in North America that you can’t take down.


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So far I have managed to harvest 2 dear and 1 moose with the Bear Archery Super Kodiak recurve bow. All 3 shots were taken from a distance of around 35 yards, using Easton XX75 Jazz arrows with 125-grain expandable broad heads (legal where I live). In all 3 cases, I managed to achieve a full arrow pass-through, going right through the shoulder, piercing the lung, and coming out the several sides. They ran 50-100 yards before finally collapsing. A really great hunting bow for interior and advanced archers.

The riser is built from black Dymondwood. It’s exceptionally well-polished, ergonomic and comfortable to hold. Even if your palm is slightly sweaty you will still hold down a very steady grip at full draw. There are no awkward terminals that dig into the palm, as is the case with some cheaper recurve bows. The limbs, as well as limb-tips, are strengthened including fiberglass. Even after years of heavy use, these limbs are exceptionally unlikely to splinter. The master hood is superb and no bubbles appear beneath the laminate.

As with utmost of Bear Archery recurve bows, the arrow rest is covered with bear hair. This arrow rest does not wear down by time and its stable sufficient to help the projectile clear the bow.

The Bear Archery Super Kodiak Archery recurve bow comes with the Dynaflight 97 Flemish string. Not all recurve bows can accept these strings; however, the Kodiak has reinforced tips so it is not an issue. The break-in period is very smooth and you will get used to it very quickly. After 30-40 arrows shot, it will be in top working condition. The Dynaflight 97 typically results in faster arrow speeds (as much as 3-4%) than maximal another strings.

The Bear Archery Super Kodiak recurve bow is a great recurve bow for hunters with enough experience to handle the 45+ lbs. draw weight. Stronger than you’d expect based on the draw weight alone. Great buy for really traditional archers who love instinctive shooting.


  • This bow has been in production since 1967 – tried and tested design.
  • Super powerful for hunting.
  • Very comfortable to hold and draw.


  • Can’t mount a sight.



2.  Martin Hunter recurve bow: martin-hunter-recurveThe Martin Hunter recurve bow has a very symmetrical look to it, meaning that both the upper and bottom the part are identical. It is very smooth to the touch and there are no rough spots or inconsistencies, be it in the riser or the limbs.Please keep in mind that the Martin Hunter recurve bow is not a takedown bow, you cannot unscrew the limbs from the riser, therefore you must be extra careful when storing your recurve bow I advise removing the string every time the Hunter is not in use. It might seem tiring at first to reattach the string every time you want to take the bow out for some shooting, however, belief me when I say

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that you will get the hang of it very quickly, and realize that this is a skill you really need to learn sooner or later.The string provided with the Hunter recurve bow was just the appropriate length, and I did not feel like I had to twist it onto the tips too many times to acquire a 7-inch brace height (the distance from the string to the riser after the recurve bow is composed). I immediately attached the arrow plate which came with the bow, and within around 15 minutes of opening the package, my Martin bow was ready for use.

I have not had a chance yet to take it out hunting, and it will likely be another few months before I get to do it. However, judging by the mere power of this bow, and comparing it to other recurves that I have hunted within the past, I am more than certain it will crush bones and do as advertised take down the maximum game from even the largest distance.

It is an all-around superb recurve bow and will be treasured by anybody who buys it, regardless of their level of experience and or what they plan to use the Martin Hunter recurve bow for. If you have the budget for it, then it is pretty much a super-safe pick.


  • Beginners looking for a truly superb “indicative” recurve bow, as well as intermediate and advanced archers.
  • Hunters (small and large game), as well as target shooters.
  • Archers looking for sheer power and a very straight arrow flight path.
  • Shooting regardless of weather conditions snow, rain, hot, cold. The Hunter will handle it.
  • A step-up bow for those who want a far more powerful recurve than what they already own.
  • Compound archers who would like to give the traditional side of the sport a try.
  • This is the perfect ‘universal’ recurve bow basically for everyone, for anything.


  • Only if you can’t afford it. Otherwise, go for it and enjoy.

3.  Bear Grizzly recurve bow:

Bear Grizzly Recurve BowBeing one of the most respected and innovative manufacturers in the entire industry, Bear Archery’s Grizzly simply can’t disappoint you. Granted, it is not a bow for everyone, what with the relatively steep price.This title above was not just made up the Bear Grizzly recurve bow it is actually what the Bear Grizzly is referred to within the archery community. The Bear Grizzly recurve bow has one of the finest custom-crafted limbs and riser ever made, and northern hardwood is what they are made from. So if you are worried that the limbs might twist on you for some reason, you can feel completely safe that with this particular bow it is not going to happen unless you seriously mistreat the bow.

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Standing at 58 inch long, you can use the Bear Grizzly recurve bow for both targets shooting as well as hunting it’s proper enough to handle both equally well, while still being light enough that your arms and back will not start aching  then a long session at the range.

The design of this the Bear Grizzly recurve bow is just phenomenal, you simply won’t be able to keep your eyes off of it! It’s I believe the most handsome recurve bow I have always seen, matched only by the PSE Blackhawk.

The Bear Grizzly recurve bow riser features a really well-balanced and positioned shelf (covered with natural bear hair), the type that makes even the least experienced archer arrive to be a pretty good shot.


  • Excellent for beginner and more advanced archers.
  • Great for both hunting and target practice.
  • Superb accuracy and durability, great arrow speeds.
  • Resistant to all types of weather.
  • A work of art has been in use by thousands of archers worldwide for many years.
  • 100% ready for shooting out of the box-no need for additional accessories.
  • Best value for your money.


  • Couldn’t think of any cons, sorry.


    4.  Samick Sage recurve bow:

Samick Sage recurve bow I get an average of 3 questions per day from archers looking to buy an affordable recurve for a beginner, and the Samick Sage recurve bow is brought up in at least half of all these questions. There’s a good reason for that.

What immediately grabbed my attention the first time I picked up the Samick Sage recurve bow was just how classical and majestic the riser is almost as if it was taken straight out from the lord of the Rings. The whole thing is exceptionally simple and effective in design as well as very well-polished.

The limbs are quite long, but that’s not a problem as the Samick Sage is a takedown, so you can detach the limbs from the riser to make storage and transportation easier. In fact, the screws can be unscrewed with only your fingers, so no tools/hex keys are necessary. That is not all though there is one more important thing you should know about the limbs.

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“How It Shoots & Real Life Performance”- is always the most critical part. It’s not exceptional for a recurve bow to have high-quality elements but still somewhat under-deliver when an arrow is shot. All the parts must come together in perfect harmony; otherwise drawing the recurve bow will only result in disappointment.


  • Very very easy to assemble.
  • Recommended brace height 7 1/4 inch to 8 1/4 inch.
  • This 62 inch bow includes B-50 bow string and arrow Rest.
  • Pre-installed Brass Bushings for Brass Plunger, Stabilizer, Sight, and Quiver.


  • It’s got a limited draw length.


5. PSE Blackhawk recurve bow:
The PSE Blackhawk recurve bow does not come with a stringer, unfortunately, so you’ll other need to buy one (they go for a few bucks) or only use the accompanying instructions to manually string your recurve bow, which is an important skill to learn anyway. However, I do advise buying a recurve stringer if you don’t have one already, as it will serve you for many years and will allow you to enjoy your recurve bow for longer. The package does include one cool ingredient though.

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The PSE Blackhawk recurve bow is, hands down, the most beautiful bow I have seen in my life. I mean, just look at it:

As I have before mentioned in another part of my site, it looks like something taken directly out from one of the lord of the rings movies.

Since the PSE Blackhawk recurve bow is a one-piece, the limbs cannot be detached from the riser. This bow is 60 inches long, so please make sure that transportation and storage won’t be expressed for you. The riser is beautifully shaped and the grip is satisfied to hold and comes with a crowned (“close to the hand”) shelf. I find the Blackhawk bow to be very good for some good-old instinctive shooting-no extra equipment, no cams, no $300 sights… that’s how I like it. So, what about the materials?

The entire bow, and therefore obviously the riser as well, is made from fresh hardwood, which is beautifully laminated giving it that shiny old-school appearance that you see in the picture above. The whole construction is relatively light for a 60 inch at roughly 3 pounds total, which is specifically important during a hunt that often requires you to carry the recurve bow around for a long time and or maneuver it in a tight spot such as a tree stand. There’s one catch here:

If you are a complete beginner, a 3-pound PSE Blackhawk recurve bow might seem somewhat heavy to you at first, though you should get used to it really quickly.


  • Beautiful design.
  • Very accurate and forgiving of beginner archers’ form mistakes.
  • High durability and high resistance to limb twisting.
  • Very practical crowned shelf and you get an arrow rest in the package if you prefer the slightly less-traditional solution.
  • Quiet, vibration-free.
  • Excellent transfer of energy from the limbs to your arrow. Very exact even when compared to much more expensive recurve bows.
  • Well-priced.


  • Since it’s not a take-down, storage and transportation can be an issue for some archers.
  • Again, since it’s not a take-down, if something were to go wrong (for example you accidentally break the limbs due to improper handling), you cannot get replacement limbs and you need to send the entire thing for repair.


6.Hoyt Buffalo recurve bow:

 Hoyt-Buffalo The Hoyt Buffalo recurve bow take-down bow (Fred Eichler’s signature series) is a hunter’s dream. This is what you would buy if you were looking for the best possible performance, exactness, and comfort. This is what the pros and champs use when hunting for deer, elk or bear. No matter your prey, the Hoyt Buffalo recurve bow will keep up. You have probably heard nothing but good things about Hoyt and there really is a reason why their hunting bows are probably the most popular in the world.


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The main reason this recurve bow is so excellent is that Hoyt has taken it is the highest quality Olympic bow and adapted it for hunting purposes. Owning the Hoyt Buffalo recurve bow means that you will have the finest piece of the implement in the recurve hunting department available on the market.


  • The best hunting recurve bow money can buy.
  • Technological solutions adapted from Hoyt’s Olympic bows.
  • Power and accuracy are pretty much unmatched.
  • Consistent draws, no vibration.
  • Resistant to all kinds of weather.
  • High-quality string included.


  • None, except the somewhat steep price tag, which I find entirely justifiable.


7. Martin Saber recurve bow: Whether you are new to hunting with a bow and arrow or you are just looking for something new to take out to hunt with, you have probably heard about the Martin Saber Takedown recurve bow. It’s one of the most popular recurves bows around and for good reason! Martin Saber recurve bow has been making top-notch recurve bows for years and this one is no exception. Not only that but it’s reasonably priced and includes some of the brands best features.martin-saber-recurve-bow-

Before we turn into our in-depth review, let’s take a look at some of the specs. This recurve bow is available in draw weights of 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, and 55 pounds. AMO length is 64″. The brace height is 6.75 inch to 7.5 inches and it weighs about 3.5 pounds. It’s only available in a right-handed model.

The riser is the middle part of the recurve bow. A lot of key elements are contained on the riser, arrow shelf, including the grip, and sight. And you can add some other accessories there, too.

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The limbs of the Martin Saber Takedown recurve bow are made of layers of wood and glass that have been stratified together. This makes them really durable, particularly because the laminating process prevents any bends or deformities from developing. The recurve bow gets the ‘Takedown’ part of its name because the limbs are easy to remove for easy storage and transport. Just unscrew 2 screws and you are done. Because this is such a long bow, being able to freely take it apart and store it makes it a lot more convenient to use.


  • Durable, light-weight riser.
  • Wonderful vibration-dampening technology.
  • Extremely comfortable to hold; you will want to keep shooting it.
  • Smooth to draw and carries an arrow like a beast.
  • Very accurate even in tough weather conditions.
  • Fantastic value for the money.


  • Arrow rest is made of rubber, so you may have to replace it (Costs a few dollars) after a year or so of shooting, depending on how often you practice.
  • This is not a given though, and many people will never need to replace the rest.


8. Hoyt Gamemaster II recurve bow:
Hoyt Gamemaster II recurve bow has never released an inferior product to my knowledge, and the Gamemaster II is no exception. This bow features the exceptionally durable and ultra-slim TEC riser, which absorbs vibration and eliminates bow-hand torque like no other riser I have used, hence resulting in a very stable and proper shot. The recommended brace height is 7″ to 8″, which is very forgiving of form mistakes and helps confine string wrist slap. The grip also deserves a notice a very ergonomic and well-accomplished design, no palm blisters or feelings of discomfort at full draw. All your energy can be focused on hitting the target rather than making sure you can hold the Hoyt Gamemaster II recurve bow comfortably.

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As far as speed goes, the design of the limbs and quality string included doing a tremendous job at making sure all the energy stored among the limbs gets transferred to the arrow, with almost no remaining energy to speak of.  I have the 45 lbs. version and it shoots so fast I actually gasped the first time I shot it, even though I have handled many 45# recurve before. If speed is what you are after, the Hoyt Gamemaster II recurve bow will not disappoint you.

Just because the bow is so perfect for hunting does not mean it can’t be used for target practice and 3D shooting. In fact, the design of the Gamemaster II imitators that of Hoyt’s competitions bows. Since it’s so:

  • Very stable and accurate.
  • Smooth to draw and fast.
  • Comfortable to hold.
  • With zero side-to-side swaying of the limbs during the release.
  • Light-weight.

It makes for an absolutely excellent practice recurve, even for competition use and for targets as far as 60+ yards away.

Hoyt Gamemaster II recurve bow is a fantastic choice for both beginners and advanced archers. The beginners will enjoy it because:

  • High brace height makes learning shooting technique easily and non-stressful.
  • Quality handle means you can focus your attention on what matters stance, form rather than being distracted by an uncomfortable grip.


  • Pretty much non-existent vibration takes the bow out of the equation when aiming. In other words, the bow’s mechanics and design will not intervene with your aim, allowing you to pitch arrows consistently and properly count your skill level and from inconsistencies.


  • Its light weight makes it comparatively easy to hold for prolonged hours without fatiguing the muscles, which comes in handy during those long practice sessions at the range.

If you are a beginner and the Hoyt Gamemaster II recurve bow fits your budget, I highly recommend giving it a go.


  • Light-weight, super-slim and durable riser.
  • As stable and accurate as mass-produced recurve bows get.
  • Forgiving of form mistakes from a beginner’s perspective.
  • No hand torque or vibration (with the right tuning).
  • The grip is detachable/replaceable.
  • Take-down construction.
  • VERY fast.


  • Not everyone likes the appearance of the TEC riser.


 9.   Martin Archery Jaguar Elite bow: Martin Archery Jaguar Elite bow has taken an already terrific design, the Jaguar, and upgraded it with sleek styling and lighter mass weight. The Martin Archery Jaguar Elite bow is 0.2 pounds lighter than its predecessor, making it easier than ever to hold.Martin Jaguar Elite Recurve BowWhen Martin Archery announced the Jaguar Elite bow, I was worried to get my hands on it. The Jaguar has been one of my favorites recurves bow for years, so I could not wait to see how Martin improved on the design. Like its predecessor, the Martin Archery Jaguar Elite bow is a beautiful bow that is great for archers of any experience level, from novice to expert. Because this is a takedown recurve bow, you can easily change the limbs to allow the bow to grow with you. In the box here, you will find the following items:

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  • The Martin Archery Jaguar Elite, including riser and limbs.
  • A bow stringer.
  • Brass inserts to install a sight, stabilizer, and/or Berger button.


  • Sleek, comfortable to hold design.
  • Includes bow stringer.
  • Fantastic accuracy and reliability.
  • Takedown construction for ease of storage and changing weight.


  • Plastic arrow rest.
  • The rubberized cushion on riser peels off easily.


10. PSE Razorback recurve bow: pse-razorback-recurve-bow-The PSE Razorback recurve bow is not a powerful recurve bow. The maximal draw weight you can get is 30 lbs. The Razorback recurve bow was designed mostly for youth and small-framed women. It is a great bow to do some target shooting with and to get yourself familiar with archery. It’s very accurate at ranges up to 30 yards. Beyond that, expect to notice important arrow drop.

Accessories are one of the things I believe make the PSE Razorback bow such a great recurve for beginners. You can install stabilizers, a sight, a quiver, etc. This allows you to learn about all the different perspective of being a successful archery shooter. Any accessories you want to attach you will need to purchase separately though.

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Personally, I found it extremely comfortable, more so than I expected from a recurve bow in this price range. The riser grip is wide and shaped exactly. It entitled the hand just right and does not dig into the beneath of your palm when you draw. The size of the handle is also perfect for those across smaller palms.

I believe the main reason this is such a great recurve bow for youth and adult females is the quality of materials used. This isn’t some recurve bow that will break on you after a few months of use. It’s very durable. The riser is built of hardwood while the limbs are made of wood laminate. I am more than particular the bow itself will outlast its usefulness. Expect to pass it on from generation to generation and from one kid to other as they learn about archery.

As you’d expect from a recurve bow intended primarily for youth and women, the PSE Razorback recurve bow is very light. Less than 2.2 lbs. total weight with no accessories installed. You will feel comfortable aiming for a long time without stressing out your shoulder and deltoid muscles.

It’s an affordable, durable recurve bow for all youth and adult females who would like to get into archery without breaking the bank. The PSE Razorback recurve bow is excellent for target practice and will last you for many years if not abused. This is not a recurve bow for hunting its not powerful enough for that purpose.


  • Affordable starter bow for kids, youth and adult women.
  • Pre-drilled to accept stabilizers and other accessories.
  • Limbs can be screwed and unscrewed without an Allen wrench.
  • Berger button hole for cushion plunger.
  • Very durable for the price paid.


  • Not enough power to hunt with.

What draw weight is right for you: Your purchase will depend on how advanced you are how you are going to use your new recurve bow, and a few other factors. For instance, if you are not very strong and or do not have too much experience with recurves, then you may want to go with one of the bows that have smaller drawing weight versions available, otherwise, and especially if you plan to practice a lot at the range, you will find your arms and lateral back muscles will get tired very speedily. In that case, I would recommend going with a recurve bow that has a draw weight of 40 pounds or less.

On the other hand, if you already have some experience in the field of archery, have good muscle strength/endurance, and or plan to use your recurve bow only for hunting game, you’ll want to go including a model that features a draw weight of 45 pounds or more.  You can use the following chart as an ordinary guideline for determining what drawing weight range you should be aiming for.

Keep in a minute that this is general advice, though it will absolutely help you make your purchase. Try to go for the lower end of each draw weight range simply because archery is supposed to be a fun and relaxing activity if you are cringing all time you pull the string and while holding your stance, then the draw weight is very much. This is exceptionally true if you are using the pinch draw, also known as the primary draw.

More on that here:


Archer’s Weight Suggested Draw Weight
Small Children (70-100 lbs.) 10-15 lbs
Larger Children (100-130 lbs.) 15-25 lbs
Small-Frame Female (100-130 lbs.) 25-35 lbs
Medium-Frame Female (130-160 lbs) 25-35 lbs
Small-Frame Male (120-150 lbs) 30-45 lbs
Medium-Frame Male (150-180 lbs) 40-55 lbs
Large-Frame Females (160+ lbs) 30-45 lbs
Large Frame Men (180+ lbs) 45-60 lbs


Conclusion: You now have all the information you need to make an educated purchase, and to acquire a best recurve bow that is a perfect match for you. You could essentially buy any of the best recurve bows I have discussed above at random, and you are more than likely to be very pleased as long as you make sure the draw weight matches your body build, as shown in the chart upon.

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