Instagram is a social media application and platform is used as photo sharing. It was introduced in 2010. Available currently in  125 languages. This application can help you to connect with your family and friends’ lives. Download the application of Instagram by searching for the app in your mobile application store. For example, google play store for android devices and app store for iOs devices. Open the application by tapping on the Instagram icon.  Then you have to create an Instagram account by signing up. You have to enter your phone number, password, preferred user name, and email address, but the mobile number is optional. Before continuing, the application will allow you to upload a picture for your profile. In the “about” section, you can add some of your personal information, including your websites, first name, and last name. 

If you have an account already, you can sign in to your account by tapping the sign-in option at the login page’s bottom and instead of entering your account’s login information.  You will have the option of finding friends from your contact list; after all, you complete your account and profile creation.  The following users will allow you to watch their videos and photos on your “home” page. Even after also, you are able to add friends to your account at any time. The default tab in a home page on which you start this tab is called a feed. The feed is nothing but a collection of photos, videos, and all new content from the users you follow. By tapping on the magnetic glass icon, you can view the “search” tab. It is placed on the right immediately to the home page at the screen’s bottom. You can search for keywords and accounts by just typing on the search tab on the screen’s top, here from.  

Instagram stories of celebrities also will display directly on the beneath of the search tab. If the magnifying glass icon has the two icons over there, that will be your all in-application notification will display. An application notification is nothing but friend requests,  comments, and photo likes, videos, likes, etc. reviewing the option for a camera. You will have the three different posts uploading possibilities. The first one you have to do is making  more Instagram reach and then  from your library; this menu will let you upload a picture already from your library.second method is you will let you take a picture from using the in-application camera of Instagram. For that, before taking the picture, you have to allow Instagram to use and access the camera. And the final method is video. First, you have allowed Instagram to use and access your microphone, and then by using the Instagram camera, you can record videos. You can tag peoples by using the “tag people” option. And you can add a location to the description of your post by using the “add location” option. But usingC the “share” option, you can share your posted pictures and videos to others successfully.