Instagram is one of the most popular social media in the world. Instagram has more than one billion active users. Photos and videos are the fastest content format, which followers watch. Get Instagram likes by buying automatic Instagram likes to your well-creative content.

This is one of the main reasons for the success of Instagram. All the following terms are important and basic Instagram phrases. 


The Feed is the first page on Instagram that you face when you enter. The Feed is the page where you can see the recent stories and recent posts of the Instagram accounts you have followed on Instagram. In fact, Feed is nothing but an Instagram home page.


A page is an account of the user on Instagram. The page is also known as a profile. This is the last Instagram page that represents the user profile page. If you want to visit the user page of others, just click on the username.


Bio is the introduction text of your profile. The Bio is written below the profile photo. You can also use stickers instead of text. If you have a website, you can add the link to the Bio.


It is a unique name that you have chosen for your Instagram profile. People can search for the username to find you.


Any new video or photo which you upload is called a post. All your shared posts appear on your Instagram profile page. At the same time, new posts are displayed on your Instagram feed page.


It is the written text below the video or photo of the post. The Instagram captions include personal notes, a verse, or something like these. If the posts on Instagram include address, contact information, and advertising, they will use the caption as part. You can also use a hashtag in your captions so that other Instagram users will find your content.


It means you are interested in pursuing actions and posts on your Instagram account. To have followers, you can go to her/his page and follow her/him. If you follow her/him and she/he accepts you, you can simply view all her/his shared photos and videos, and whenever she/he shares new photos or videos, you can find them on your Instagram Feed. 


When you are following a particular account, you are one of the followers on that account, while all the users who follow you on Instagram are known as your followers.


In your following section, you can see other people when you follow people’s profiles on Instagram. This thing is similar to other Instagram accounts. If you follow some page, then you are considered as the following of that particular page.


Suppose you want to hide all of your information on Instagram, which includes your activities, page data, and more from a particular user. In that case, you can block them simply on Instagram to omit that user from your Instagram application.


You can unfollow her/him if you do not like or get bored following them on Instagram. To unfollow someone, just click on the button “unfollow,” this unfollow button is located at the same place as the follow button on Instagram bio.


You can report her/him on the Instagram platform, when somebody disturbs you on the platform, or when somebody is posting some photos or videos against the terms and conditions of Instagram, which include sharing terrorism, insulting individuals, or insulting religion.


 Instagram comments are nothing but you expressing ideas about someone or something. One of the available Instagram features is comments below the posts of others.