Why Comments Are More Valuable On TikTok

Your video comments will become your most excellent creative asset. You may have found a high rise in influencers and brands replying to their feedback with video comments. Yup! Responding to feedback through video comments is an interesting one.

TikTok has a great feature where you can reply to video comments that will stay in your TikTok feed that applies to all the users. Merely liking and responding to comments in texts are gone, TikTok has raised their strike.

Click on a comment form any one of your videos, and you can see a red recording button that appears to the left side of the comment box. Click the recording button; it comes to the recording screen with some texts in a small box. Am I right?

So the next step is to start commenting on your favorite brands and influencers videos you like! Imagine your influencer or brand using your video comments as a spark for their videos? It is a new type of engagement in any other social sharing app.

And if you like to work this, scroll your video comments and find a comment that gives sparkles to your video. Try the feature with sparkle comments in the next videos. Buy TikTok comments to attract the audience organically towards your video content on TikTok, and also it makes more benefits to grow a user’s account at a faster rate.

TikTok Trend

TikTok users scroll and watch lots of videos for hours. It is the unique diversity of TikTok, where brands and creators give mesmerizing content to stay you up there.

It’s pretty refreshing while spending time on TikTok. More users will scroll and watch the videos for two or more hours for a particular hashtag. Many hashtags have above 1.6 billion views, so there are many visitors on a particular one. Mainly, #TikTokRestArea is the hashtag that has over 1.5 billion views. The hashtag gets many positive comments. 

Performing with the trending hashtags will bring your video more engagements. If this fits for your brand, try it out in your next video on TikTok.

Standout TikTok Brand:

One of the famous TikTok makeup brands is Milk Makeup. They provide makeup tips, create challenges, teach their audience how to work with their products, offer styling tricks, and mainly their videos are satisfying to watch. They will make content mostly on educating, creative, unique, and brand messaging. 

Milk Makeup is perfect with its great captions. They frequently use Call-To-Action to gain more audience. And they also get through other hacks to hike their audience involved, adding questions over their makeup tips like “would you try this?” or “tag your friends who need this” in their product content videos.

Power of potent marketing!

Brands and Creators to watch:

Maybe it’s because I’m bored, hungry, or lost a series of days in isolation. Perhaps it’s all of the above, but I have been forwarding to recipes and cooking videos. When it is instructional cooking, there are few cooks in the kitchen. Here are those few.

     @ACookNamedMatt, Master of Slicing

Chocolate, Pineapples, Potatoes, Lemons, Tomatoes, Onions, and the list goes on. This guy slices everything and anything. 

Matt is very successful with his content because he gathers lots of audience through the comments. As you refer to his videos, many viewers posted feedback in his video comment section like, “what’s the next thing to slice” or “in what cook they are interested in.” 

     @TwinCoast, Master of Smoothies

They make visually compelling, oddly satisfying videos and offer their cooks & recipes too. If you watch TwinCoast’s video once, you will know why and how they are thriving on social media platforms.

Everyone is looking to grab new things these days, so making instructional videos helps you get more audience on TikTok.