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Why occurred Headache and Some tips for headache relief

Why occurred Headache and Some tips for headache relief

Why occurred Headache and Some tips for headache relief

Headache is a little pain of our head. Per day many people suffered this pain. Someone take medicine like a tablet. But don’t find proper treatment. So this headache main element is Pressure. It can be physical, mental and asset related.

It’s a disease of body and mind, which create a naughty moment to give us bad result.

Many reasons also here to occur headache:

  1. Mentally Pressure.

  2. A Little Sleep.

  3. Think more unnecessary subject.

  4. Working Pressure.

  5. Office Working Pressure.

  6. Too much talk.

  7. If listen music with high volume

  8. Use headphone sometimes

Mentally Pressure

It creates from tension. Forget tension, then will be fine always.

A Little Sleep

Sleep per day minimum 6 hours. So sleep more and more. It will kill headache.

Think more unnecessary subject

It will increase your Pain.

Working Pressure

If you work without break, then headache kill you.

Office working Pressure

If you do job in an office, then maintain a time to work per day.

Too much talk

Talk if need. Don’t talk much, it create pain at suddenly.

If listen music with high volume

Listen music, No problem. But within volume limit. Don’t listen with high volume.

Use Headphone Sometimes

Use headphone when it necessary. Don’t use many times. It kills you with High pain.

Here are more reasons for first headache relief:

  1. Give relax of your mind

  2. Think always positive on per subject

  3. Forget Tension

  4. Short Stress

  5. Eat properly and conscious of you routine

  6. Sleep more and more

  7. Take rest and do think others

  8. Use hand finger to massage of your neck and temples

  9. Use Move and Massage slowly

  10. Walk more.

Now we see a lot of reasons here to kill headache at rapidly. We need to take care own and change our thinking with refreshment.

Special Note:  If headache pains increase day by day more and more, then meet a doctor and take medicine properly.

“Body your, mind you, life your. Then create a dream life with a good health and make what you want.”

Therefore, at last time, you have created your headache and you will need to kill from your life. Happy Life.

A short notes about relief headache:

People suffer this disease with pain. For an example, much talk, used headphone. However, one thinks we need to know it is our life not a machine.

Machine can work without break, energy, and protein. But we are man. We can control this machine with our mind. Until our head right , then we will do something.

So, take care your health. Misuse your bad habit.

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